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Welcome to 10pastryhearts! This community revolves around slash, femslash and writing drabbles for either. There are weekly challenges and prompt tables, so there's plenty to do~

A new prompt will be posted every week. You have the following week to post your drabble, incorporating the prompt into your story. At the end of the week, voting will start, and a new prompt will be posted. Voting lasts a couple of days, until a minimum of five non-tied votes are cast. The winner, announced the following Monday, will receive a banner. You do NOT have to claim a pairing to submit a weekly drabble for it.

If you want to write more drabbles, or like organizing your short stories into neat little tables, then you can also claim a pairing and pick up one of the prompt tables (linked below). These can be completed seperately from weekly challenges, or you can do both at once to fill your table - incorporating both themes.

» Pairings must be slash or femmeslash.
» Put all writing behind eljay-cuts (or fake cuts)
» All fandoms are welcome.
» You can make up to two table claims.
» A maximum of two people can claim the same pairing.
» Submitting more than one drabble for a week is fine.
» Drabbles can range from 100-1000 words.
» There is no time limit for claims, but be reasonable.
» No flaming, bashing, or needless wank plz/thx.

Please label all your posts with the fandom and pairing. You may also choose to include things like word count, rating, warnings, et cetera, if you want to. You should know how to do this-- if not, take a look at some of the posts to get an idea of the general format people tend to use. There is a tagging system too, but staff will handle that, so don't worry about it! C:

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